“Dr. Rubinov has given me my smile back after all these years. I am so grateful to him. He provides wonderful patient care and made me feel good about myself. I recommend him to everyone and proudly call him our family dentist. I cannot thank him enough for this beautiful new smile and I also can’t stop smiling! Thank you so much.”

-Marcia Cruz

“Dr. Rubinov has been a blessing to my five year-old Arianna. This has been her first time getting fillings. He has been very patient with her. It has gone so well that she smiles and laughs with him. She calls him by name and gives him a high five. This is the same girl that the previous doctor had to send home because she refused to open her mouth for him. I am truly grateful to him for making this a great experience for her.”

-Mrs. Taitt

“I am extremely satisfied with the beautiful work that was done by Dr. Rubinov. He changed my life. At the initial consultation he took his time and gave me options and also his honest opinion. I went through with the suggested treatment and that was the best decision I’ve made in my life. I am very glad that I came here. Not just the doctor, but also the whole team starting with the front desk, made me feel very comfortable. Before I was scared to smile. I’ll look at myself in the mirror and I would see an ugly woman. Now I have the desire to do my hair, smile, and go out to social events. I also lost weight, which I have been trying to do for a very long time. Now I had the courage to do it. Thank you everyone, and the sacrifice I am making in terms of cost and time has very well paid off. Once again, thank you for changing my life.”

-Gabriella Berroa

“I wasn't exactly looking forward to my first root canal.  In fact, I was looking forward to it like a, well, like a root canal. I can't believe I felt no pain -- not during the procedure, not after the procedure, not a single twinge.  Even though I had pain pills, I never needed to take any of them. Thank you for making my root canal an enjoyable experience.  I can't believe I actually just wrote that, but it's true.  I can honestly say I'd do it again (Assuming I ever need another). If Dr. Rubinov isn't careful, he's going to give root canals a good name.”

-Steve Hartman

“After spending too many hours going through several offices I finally found Dr. Rubinov. He is an excellent professional, one of the best I ever have met, and I visited many doctors in many countries. He will be my choice if and when I need any dental assistance.”

-Mr. Monis Lopez

“As a practicing dentist for more than 20 years, and after placing myself in the care of Dr. Rubinov, I can say categorically that he has silk hands. During my first procedure (however long it was), I fell asleep (which is astonishing in itself). It was undoubtedly, one of my least fearful dental experiences.”

-Dr. Lazo

“Without doubt it is my good fortune for this man to be my dentist. Dr. Rubinov is truly a doctor of the 21st Century. I initially went to his office for a check up and cleaning but Dr. Rubinov was so through and gentle with his approach that I trusted him immediately. After multiple visits to his office, including oral surgery, I have experienced minimal discomfort, no pain and rapid recovery. The work he has done and his positive influence has improved my smile my health and well being.”

- Stephen Mahan

“One of the easiest, coolest and painless dental visits of my life! Thanks You.”

-Mark Palmateer 

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