Laser Dentistry Brooklyn, NY

Advanced Laser Dentistry Provides Gentle, Effective Results

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Don’t Put Off Your Treatment Any Longer

The dental field is always advancing, with new techniques and technologies to enhance patient care. At 38 Meserole Dental, we utilize laser dentistry as a minimally-invasive approach to many dental services. Many people put off their dental treatments out of fear or anxiety associated with pain or lengthy recovery periods. Putting off dental treatment can lead to further complications in the future that require more extensive dental work. Fortunately, with the use of our NV® Microlaser, we are able to perform common procedures without causing pain and with a quicker recovery period.

Laser Dentistry Brooklyn, NY

“Using a laser in dental procedures helps greatly reduce recovery time and pain.”
Lena Sapozhnikoff DDS

Laser Treatments Available


The laser can remove the tissue that holds the upper lip or tongue too tightly. With laser treatment, there are no scalpels and you won’t need any sutures.


The laser will remove diseased gum tissue and reshape your gums in order to close pockets in between the teeth and gums.

Cold Sore Treatment

Our laser targets just your cold sore and uses heat to kill the virus. The laser also stimulates your body to heal quicker after the cold sore has been treated.

Cavity Treatment

Great for young children, our laser can gently treat cavities with precision and without the needle and drill typically used.

Laser Dentistry Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Lena Explains the Benefits of Frenectomies

No Reason to Fear with Laser Dentistry

Laser technology has changed the face of dentistry by removing much of the fear factors many patients experience.  With our NV Microlaser you will experience less bleeding during and after treatments, as well as minimal pain with a faster recovery. Many times, patients are able to go about their day like normal after treatment. Laser treatments also require no scalpels or drills, easing anxiety associated with the sights and sounds of those common dental items.

Laser Dentistry Brooklyn, NY
Example of LANAP Procedure

Before and Afters

Patient Testimonials

Laser Dentistry Brooklyn, NY
Shervin's Experience With Laser Treatment

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