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Relieve Tooth Pain and Save Your Smile with Root Canal Therapy

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Alleviate Pain and Save Your Tooth

Pain radiating from a tooth is a sign that something is wrong and warrants a visit to our office. Often, tooth pain is caused by an infection which can be treated with a root canal procedure. While many people fear root canals, it is actually a very common procedure; more than 15 million root canals are performed every year. Root canal treatment clears infection from a tooth, relieving pain and saving your tooth from further complications—and even tooth loss.

Symptoms of a Tooth Infection

Tooth infection is a serious concern and should be treated before it spreads to other teeth or parts of the body. If treatment is not received, you may be at risk of losing your tooth, bone structure and even have your systemic health affected—not to mention the constant pain you will be in! In some cases, painful abscesses may develop, which increases the chances of further infection.
Common symptoms of a tooth infection that signal you may need a root canal include:

The Root Canal Procedure

When we perform a root canal at 38 Meserole Dental, patient care and comfort is of utmost concern. We offer both local anesthesia and oral sedation to ease nerves and improve the patient experience. Our skilled doctor will then remove the infection from the center of your tooth, reshape the tooth cavity and fill it with a permanent filling. We will then create a crown for your tooth to restore its function and appearance. Once your treatment is complete, you benefit from a healthy, pain-free smile again.

Root Canals Brooklyn, NY
Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Before and Afters

If you are experiencing symptoms of a tooth infection or have constant toothache, call 38 Meserole Dental today to set up a consultation.

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